"My Soul Does Magnify The Lord"

December 14, 2018


When the Virgin Mary heard from the Angel Gabriel that she had been chosen to bear the Son of God, she sang a song (Lk. 1:47-55).  The song came from a humble heart overwhelmed by the Grace of God (v.48). He chose her to bring the Savior into this world.  Her song came from her joy (v. 47) that almighty God (v. 49) would think of her especially for this fantastic role in the history of the World.  Truly, God brought down the mighty (vv. 51, 52) and raised up the humble (v. 52).  She could not contain her joy or gratitude, so she glorified God in this song called the “Magnificat.”  She sang, “…my soul does magnify the Lord” (v. 46).  It was as if her soul was a magnifying glass making God bigger.  Your soul is also a magnifying glass made to glorify, exalt and magnify God for the smallest sign of His presence.  Focus on the little things God does for you and make God big for the smallest grace.  Just like the child of Bethlehem, small things come from a great God who deserves to be magnified and praised.

Merry Christmas,
Pastor Isaac

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