"Renew Through The Power of The Holy Spirit"

October 26, 2018



When you stop and think about what Mission Ebenezer is all about, we’re all about 1) basic biblical principles, 2) sound Christian doctrine and 3) keeping “the main thing the main thing,” as Pastor Isaiah would say.  The main thing for us is to: 1) Reclaim the lost (evangelism), 2) Regain the unchurched, 3) Retrain the mind (discipleship), 4) Regain for ministry, 5) Restore to worship and 6) personal Renewal (Spirit bred, Spirit fed, Spirit led.)  We will reveal a final “R” next Sunday, in good fashion, completing our Seven (7) “R’s,” Seven (7) being God’s number of perfection.  As we grow to perfection in Christ may the windows of our hearts, minds and church be ever open to the winds of the Spirit as He breeds, feeds and leads our church until Jesus comes again.

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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