“Retraining The Mind Through The Word And Discipleship”

October 5, 2018


(Luke 9:18)

“Who do the crowds say that I am?” (Luke 9:18), Jesus asked His disciples.  Some said, “Elijah!”  Others said, “John the Baptist!”  But it was in conversation and intimacy with Jesus that the disciples actually discovered who He really was.  Jesus always asked questions looking for teachable moments to shape their minds and hearts.  In fact, the more they got to know Jesus the more they learned about themselves.  Their lives reflected the one they followed, Jesus.  In the same way, our relationship with Christ reflects in us.  Of course, Jesus was not into cloning himself in his disciples.  But He did want each disciple to understand and live-out the kingdom of God in their unique way.  Being a disciple of Jesus does not mean losing your personality, as
much as it means shaping your character into His image.  God’s heart becomes your heart, his mind your mind, his values your values; “Until the beauty of Jesus is clearly seen in you.”

Following Him,
Pastor Josh

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