Set Free to a Life Worth Living

September 21, 2018



A certain man parked his old car in the Handicapped Space outside of the supermarket and did not notice the tow-way sign by the blue space.  His car got towed to a junkyard.  He had to call Uber to get his groceries home.  The cost of reclaiming his car was more than his old car was worth.  He and his wife decided it was not worth the price of the car to reclaim it, so they left it at the junkyard.  When we were in life’s “junkyard,” God loved us enough to reclaim us although we really weren’t worth that much.  God paid a heavy price for us.  That price was the precious blood of Jesus who died for our sins and purchased us with a price.  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son” to reclaim us from the trash heap of sin and shame.  We
meant so much to Him that although we were worthless, he forgave our sins and set us free to a life worth living.

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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