Give And It Shall Come Back To You...

August 23, 2018



A Christian slave named Androcles, rushing to escape his mean master, came upon a lion in the forest moaning and groaning holding up his bleeding paw.  A long thorn was embedded in his paw and he couldn’t walk.  Androcles took the thorn out, cured his paw and prayed for the lion.  The lion licked his hand and face in gratitude.  Not long after, the lion and Androcles were captured.  Both ended in the dungeons of the Coliseum of Rome where wild beasts killed Christians for the public’s pleasure.  It was Androcle’s turn to face a lion.  They dragged the young man into the arena and let loose a lion who was starved for seven days.  The lion
rushed out growling, snarling toward Androcles who knelt and prayed.  Suddenly, the lion stopped.  It started licking the young man’s neck and face, happy to meet his old friend again.  The crowd roared with approval.  The emperor gave thumbs up and set them both free.  They returned to the forest where they had first met.  In other words, Jesus was right: “Give and it shall come back to you…”

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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