God's Grace

August 3, 2018


The word grace means getting treated better than we deserve: In 1998, I asked Coba, my 14 yr. old, to back our new car from our driveway.  Eager to drive, he grabbed the keys to reverse the car.  Moments later I heard tires screeching as the car lurched backwards across the street into the neighbor’s block wall.  As I ran out and leaned into the window, he sat in shock.  I think he was more shocked by my calmness than the crash. “You OK, Coba?” God’s mercy toward me over the years flashed through my mind.  So I said, “Coba drive it forward into our driveway, it’s only a thing.”  As the car pulled away it left a path of gray and red plastic on the sidewalk.  I thought, isn’t it cool how God forgives our faults (Rom. 5:8) and helps us forgive others? (Romans 5:1-9)


In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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