Run With Endurance

July 27, 2018



Having faith in Jesus, trusting in him, brings two images to my mind.  Each image helps me understand faith a little better. One image comes from a foot race (Heb. 12:1).  The other image comes from a Bar-B-Que.  Both images involve perseverance and endurance.  These two qualities are needed for a long race, like a marathon, that requires determination not to quit.  Great endurance and perseverance are needed to run the race of faith.  By faith we hang on to Jesus for a lifetime, no matter what, until we finish our race, we never quit trusting Him.   We never quit serving Him.  The other image is of a pit bull who just stole a pork chop from the grill.  Good luck tearing it from his jaw!  So is faith.  We bite down on it and never let it go.  We run the race of faith to win, not to give up.  We bite down on our faith in God and never let go.

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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