Christ is Risen! He's Risen Indeed!

March 29, 2018


One crying, weepy (Jn. 20:11) woman stood at his grave.  Two curious and terrified disciples (20:19) came running to the empty tomb under cover of darkness.  The report of the empty tomb flushed a little group of disciples out of hiding.  Unlike his birth, the story of Messiah’s resurrection begins as a rather dry account; no thunder, no lighting, no angels, no kings, no shepherds, no fanfare, no nothing.  But that account is why I believe in the resurrection (I Cor. 15:13).  It is just like almighty God to shake the world without permission or promotion.  The same God who spoke the worlds into being spoke life into the battered and dead body of our
Savior, that glorious EASTER morning (20:20).  Hallelujah!  “Christ is risen!  He’s risen indeed!”

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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