Your Faith Has Made You Whole

March 15, 2018


Imagine that after her second child a lady noticed that there was something seriously wrong with her.  She had a continual issue of blood (Mt. 9:18-26) that would not stop for twelve years.  She had several medical opinions.  Each concluded the same thing:  Her illness was incurable.  They had never seen anything like it.  She and her husband tried to keep it quiet for the children’s sake, but to no avail.  The local Rabbi heard of it and according to the law of Moses, because of her constant flow, he declared her unclean.  She was unclean as a wife, as a mother.  She became untouchable to her friends.  She was forced to leave her home, her babies and her husband.  Her loud cries could be heard from a distance as the temple priests made her leave
her family.  For years they could only wave and blow her kisses from afar, leave her food and gifts on a table rock outside of town.  Then one day, in faith believing, she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment.  Blood surged through her body.  The issue stopped.  Her cheeks turned pink.  Jesus turned as power left him and said, “woman, your faith has made you whole.”

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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