That's A First!

March 9, 2018


Jesus walked on water.  That was a first.  Of the three gospel accounts which tell the story of Jesus walking on the water, only Matthew’s mentions Peter and Jesus’ dance on the moonlit sea.  As Jesus walked out to the disciples while sitting in the boat, the Bible says they were sore afraid.  Jesus soothed their fear by saying, “Take courage.  It is I (ego eimi, Grk.)” (Matt. 14:27).  Peter then called out to him, “Jesus, if that’s really you, call me out onto the water with you.”  Jesus says, “Very well, come on out, bro” (paraphrase).  Peter did not look around to his buddies to see what they thought.  He did not even hear the wind or the waves.  He did not see anything else but Jesus standing there in the middle of the tumultuous sea.  His gaze was focused on Jesus.  Immediately, he got out of the boat and began to walk on water (this was a first as well).  His first step on the water was as if he was walking on solid ground.  The next step was met by the same firmness.  He even took a few more steps.  Then, all of a sudden, the rushing sound of the waves and wind broke Peter’s concentration of faith.  His focus began to falter.  He began to sink, not because he did not know how to swim, but because he forgot how to believe.  Jesus went to him, reached down his right hand and pulled him back up to his feet and they walked back to the boat together.  Peter’s demonstration of faith and doubt are illustrative of our very own lives.  Only never forget, Jesus is there to assist us out on the sea of life.  If you need a helping hand, today, pray this prayer, “Dear Jesus, I have faltered and am growing weary.  Please, Lord, help my faith, today!  Amen.”

In Christ,
Pastor Josh

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