Knowing Jesus Pt. 3 "Jesus as Master"

February 16, 2018


Even after graduating from the most famous Medical School in the nation the young surgeon dared not operate on the baby’s tiny heart.  The new resident doctor was only an apprentice.  She needed to learn from a Master Surgeon, who was highly trained, skilled by experience and an expert in Pediatric Surgery.  She acquired theory and book knowledge but skill must come under the watchful eye of the Master Surgeon.  In other words, we also need training on how to live.  But only the greatest life-master of all can teach us how to really live.  Therefore, we need a guide to life.  We need a Master to teach us about life’s highways, by-ways, purpose and meaning.  We need a teacher to guide us on how to live skillfully, purposefully and abundantly.  
Nicodemus came at night to ask The Master about the secret of authentic and powerful living.  The Master said to him, “To live life at its fullest you must first open your SPIRITUAL eyes.”  In fact,  “you must start living life all over again by following me, believing that I have mastered the life of all living” (Jn. 3:1-16).

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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