You Are God's Favorite

January 26, 2018


A “fire engine” red Porsche pulled out of the triple-wax bay at the carwash.  That’s my favorite car, a lady said.  What’s your other car a man asked?  A Ford, she said.  But I like the Porsche better.  It’s my favorite.  Think about that.  We all have something or someone favorite.  Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son of ten others.  Benjamin was Jacob’s favorite, too.  Father Jacob loved them more than their ten other brothers.  Solomon was David’s favorite.  David loved him more than Rehoboam and Absolom.  Jesus was our heavenly Father’s favorite (“… this is my beloved son”).  Who can argue?  We have favorites, too.  We have a favorite friend, a favorite hat, hair brush, jacket, pillow.  (I hope we don’t play favorites in the family like Jacob and David did.)  
But isn’t it true that sometimes we feel like we are God’s favorite?  It’s ok to feel that way because, truly, the QUALITY of Jesus’ love is deep and wide and the same for each one of us.  The QUALITY of his love makes the least of us feel like the best of us.

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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