Love Is Relentless

January 19, 2018


Once upon a time a man lost his wallet.  He looked everywhere for it.  He looked all over the house.  He back-tracked to the garage, the store parking lot, his yard, his office.  Finally, his wife found it under the driver’s seat of his car.  His search was relentless.  When God loses someone to the powers of darkness, to the ravages of sin, to a broken spirit, to a painful loss, he goes on a relentless “search and rescue” mission.  He is determined to find what he lost.  He won’t let the darkness have them.  His love knows no bounds.  God cannot stand losing anything he loves.  He’ll scour the mountain tops and search the valley.  Someone once said “what a happy day when I found Jesus.”  True.  But Jesus was never lost in order to be found.  Actually, He found us
and brought us home where we belong.  Are you home yet?

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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