Immanuel: From Presents To Presence

December 22, 2017


Nothing can ever take the place of God being in one’s life, not even a Christmas present.  I will never be able to live down the Christmas present fiasco of 1989.  That is when I graduated from “Presents to Presence”.  While opening up the grand finale present, my heart skipped a beat.  “It couldn’t be!”  I thought to myself,  “The Tyco Typhoon Hovercraft II”, a remote control hovercraft that floated and reached impressive speeds on both smooth surfaces and water.  I tore through the gift wrap, but to my dismay, I discovered a smaller plastic imitation called The Tornado.  “Oh, the agony!  The Defeat!”  I was devastated.  My parents did their best to make me happy that Christmas, but stores near and far were all sold out of the real thing.  It was the hot item that Christmas.  The Tornado was the best they could do.  I ran off crying while my dad met me in the next room and gave me a real season’s greeting. :D  The fact is, my parents could have bought me the real Typhoon and I would have been happy for a moment, but it would never have been the real thing.  Without Jesus none of us will ever be satisfied.  No toy or any other cheap substitute will ever take the place of God’s presence in our lives.

God is With You,
Pastor Josh

P.S. I got the real hovercraft a month later. ;)   Thanks, Dad, for teaching me a huge lesson and for getting me the real thing.
(check out this amazing video

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