The Heart of Worship

November 10, 2017


“Pastor, I hate coming late to church on Sunday AM because I can’t get my worship on.”  (This is what a well meaning brother said to me a while ago.)  “That throws my whole week off,” he added.  That was a very nice compliment to our music ministry, I thought.  Our music ministry is awesome, I know.  But worship means more than music and singing.  When I think of “the Heart of Worship” I need to think of coming into the presence of God and feeling Him in my soul.  In fact, worship should be experienced everywhere, in private and in public.  The Heart of Worship is God’s presence in my life.  The Heart of Worship means living in a way that brings honor, praise, glory, respect, offerings, dignity, thanksgiving and requests before God.  The Heart of Worship does include getting “my praise on.”  Yet, worship also involves preaching and teaching about God’s gracious mercy and love for every lost sinner.  In short, worship includes music and singing and involves every aspect of the Sunday morning service.  It’s all worship.  In fact, worship is all of life lived in God’s presence.

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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