The Depth of Your Humility

October 27, 2017



According to St. John (Jn. 13), the disciples were really quiet the night of the Last Supper.  They provided everything for the meal but they forgot to hire a gentile servant to wash their’s and the Lord’s feet.  Foot washing at a special meal was a common courtesy.  When the disciples realized their oversight, it got really quiet.  But no one offered to wash anyone’s feet.  Pride and selfishness got in their way.  Earlier that day they were quarreling about who would be greatest in the Kingdom.  All of a sudden, the Lord stood up.  He quietly filled the basin with water.  Took off his robe.  Got the towel and began washing and drying their feet.  They were shocked by this “lack of dignity” and by his deep humility.  Basically, Jesus was saying to them, “If I, your Lord, can wash your feet and if you want any part of who I am, you will need to do the same for one another.  In other words, He gave them an example of the radical humility it took for Him to take our place on the Cross.  Jesus teaches us that,  “the depth of your humility is directly proportionate to the measure of your greatness.”

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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