New Creation

October 13, 2017



Around the early 1960’’s Neil Sedaka wrote a song called “breaking up is hard to do.”  Later, in that famous song, Sedaka writes, “instead of breaking up I wish that we were making up again.”  The song touches on how selfishness leads to breaking up with someone special.  This reminds me that before the Cross, we and God were broken up by sin.  It was only through Jesus’ selfless sacrifice at Calvary and powerful resurrection that we were reconciled (II Cor. 5:18) to God.  In other words, “we made up” with God through faith in what Jesus did for us at the Cross. Reconciliation is so sweet.   A “new creation” comes from two conflicting parties settling their differences.  At the Cross, God settled the conflict by forgiving us.  As I said above, sin breaks us
apart from God.  But once we repent and sin is removed from between us there is peace between us and God.  Making up with God after being separated from him is true reconciliation and the beginning of a “new creation” (II Cor. 5:17).

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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