Build Up Not Tear Down

October 6, 2017



Some of my most embarrassing and hurtful moments, as a believer, have come by saying destructive things to my family, other people and myself.  It is so easy to say things like that without thinking or even praying before we communicate with our mouths or through social media.  Communicating through social media, especially, is an area I have had to learn to utilize properly by thinking of other’s feelings before I text.  When I think of the way God made me and the gifts He has given me, I am mostly reminded of the grace He has bestowed upon my life to encourage, edify and empower others with my gifts.  God’s gifts to me are my “sweet spot.”  When I operate outside of my “sweet spot,” the realm of my gifts, I am not being myself.  I am not glorifying God.  Paul says we are to think about things worthy of excellence, praise, truth, honor, justice and purity (Philippians 4:1-11).  May it be also said of us that we are different from the world in the way we use our words, our cells, our lives: To build up not tear down.

Grace to You,
Pastor Josh

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