Faith Over Fear

September 22, 2017


Sarah and Abraham were too old to have children.  She was ninety (90!) and he was one hundred (100!).  Then the Lord showed up and promised them a son.  At their advanced age it was difficult believing God’s promise of a son.  But they had faith and God gave them their son.  I can only imagine how protective they were of their only boy.  They had high hopes for him.  They could not imagine life without him.  Like good parents they were afraid that something would happen to him.  Then God called Abraham to sacrifice his only son!  Abraham obeyed God.  He put faith over fear (Gen. 22).  On the way to the sacrifice, Isaac wondered about the usual animal for the offering.  Abraham answered, “The Lord will provide …”  Sure enough.  God honored Abraham’s faith.  Abraham found a ram caught by the horns in a thicket on the mountain of sacrifice.   His faith overcame his fear that God would not come through.  Faith always overcomes fear.

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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