Guns For Cookies

September 18, 2017


When God takes something away, He always gives us something better.  I was still in diapers when my parents were visiting friends, Mark and June.  Over lunch, the couples discussed firearms in the home: safety was needed to prevent terrible accidents from happening.  Mark assured my parents that “Accidents only happen to careless people” (Famous last words)! Obviously, they did not have small children in their home.  So, they saw things purely from an adult perspective.  All of a sudden, I came waddling out of their master bedroom with a loaded .25 caliber pistol in my little hands.  Who knows what I could have had done with the gun before leaving the bedroom.  All I know is that babies like putting things in their mouths.  My parents ran swiftly and carefully removed the gun from my hands, then scooped me up.  Mark and June looked terribly embarrassed, frightened and humbled.  June, who was pregnant at the time, ran to the kitchen and came back with a cookie to place into my hands.  What might the Lord be asking you to give to Him?  Whatever it may be just remember, He never takes something away without replacing it with something better. 


In Christ,

Pastor Josh

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