God First!

August 4, 2017


In 1986, Ritha and I took a trip to Italy to study Roman Art and Architecture.  We visited great cathedrals; credits to Michael Angelo, Bernini, Da Vinci, Lucchesi, St. Clement’s, Santa Maria Maggiore, St. Paul’s Outside The Walls, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. John Lateran, all beautiful Cathedrals.  Unfortunately, those churches have become museums, spiritual mausoleums, and tourist attractions.  Sunday after Sunday very few people, actually, went to worship in those Cathedrals.  Only tourists came through those beautiful, empty, churches.  What does this say about priorities?  In the 7th Century before Christ, Haggai the prophet reminds us to keep our priorities straight.  God comes first.  Upon Israel’s return from exile in Babylon, the people of God abandoned God’s house and put their homes and selfish pleasure first, forgetting about the God that delivered them from Babylonian captivity.  The people of God forgot their priorities.  But the Prophet Haggai reminds them to get their priorities straight!  “God First!”  There are times we get our priorities confused by money, jobs, vacations, homes, pleasure and we tend to put God last.  Let’s remember that when God comes first everything else falls into place.

In Christ,
Pastor Isaac

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