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discipleship groups

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Discipleship Groups are groups of people who come together during the week for deeper spiritual growth, friendship building, and to meet the needs of others. This is where the church takes place and the real opportunities are created to connect and serve the community.

Looking For ...
New friends?
To have a life change that endures?
To reach a deeper understanding of God?
Be in a safe place to share your life?

We encourage you to join one of our groups!

What can you expect in a cell group ...?

• Meet the people who are really happy to see you and who want   to get to know you.

• Interactive discussions that will help you to understand God.

• A light snack and a time to hang out and meet people.

• A safe and non-threatening environment so you can be yourself.

• A place to be lifted when life puts you down.

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Front Office



Mission Ebenezer Family Church

415 W. Torrance Blvd.

Carson, CA 90745

discipleship in english

David & Lidia Fernandez

2308 W. 185th Street. Torrance, CA 90504


Rev. Charles & Dr. Ify Agbu

19428 Radlett Avenue. Carson, CA 90746


Robert & Desiree Chavez

2673 E. Adam Street. Carson, CA 90810

curriculum week 1&2


curriculum week 4,5 &6


discipleship in spanish

Pastor Frank & Mabel Talavera & Sis. Claudia



Samuel Mendez

3545 147th Street. Hawthorn, CA 90250


Otto Garcia

20710 Anza Avenue #2. Torrance, CA 90503


Pastor Melvin & Sis. Ruth Oliva

Long Beach

curriculum week 1&2


curriculum week 4,5 &6


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