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Rev. Josh & Bunmi Canales

History of The Mission


Mission Ebenezer Family Church was founded in June of 1960 by Rev. Miguel and Lupe Canales, as a Spanish speaking church. It has grown from 15 to 3000 adherents since then. Principle growth came under the ministry of Pastor Isaac J. Canales. Son of Miguel and Lupe. He is happily married to Ritha Brubaker of Warren, Ohio. Ritha comes from strong Pennsylvania Dutch heritage and Assemblies of God mixed\with Christian Missionary Alliance and Mennonite roots.


The Mission has strong community ties in the great city of Carson. MEFC has been recognized frequently, both nationally and locally, for exemplary service to the community it proudly serves. Over the last 40 years it has moved, 7 times; from the projects of Harbor City to the house on Bolsa and Dominguez to Main and 2l3th, to 244th and Hawthorne, to Pastor's back yard, to Main and Torrance Blvd., and finally to Figueroa and Torrance Blvd. It has been a long Journey.


It is a Spanish and English speaking church with 5 Worship times on Sunday, drawing widely from the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area as well as enjoying regular mention in the media, having been featured in both the Los Angeles Times and the Daily Breeze.


It began as one of the smallest and only Spanish Assemblies in the South Bay. Over time, a switch was made to include English speaking worship for English speaking friends and family in the Spanish Congregation. Today, both language experiences are very strong. It takes five services on Sunday to accommodate the growth of this dynamic church with excellent ministries to the family. The church is located off of the major on and off-ramps of LA's major freeway system and occupies the gates of village life.

Our Mission

is to "Impact the World a Family at a Time."

Our Missional Focus

is to Reclaim the Lost, Regain the Unchurched, Retrain the Mind, Retain for Service and Restore to Worship.

Our Vision

is "to provide the family with excellent spiritual care through the ministries of our church. Our passion is to meet every family member at the point of their need, by directing them to ministries that will equip them with winning strategies for successful Christian Living."

Our 7 Core Values

Family - Worship - Globally Blended - Prayer - Loving - Fellowship - Word

This is the secret of our growth. This is what we do best. This is who we are and you are welcome. "Mi casa es su casa."

our pastors:
Reverend Joshua Canales

Senior Pastor

Pastor Cesar Campos

Spanish Cell Groups Pastor

Reverend Ritha Canales

Administrative Pastor

Pastor Manuel Figueroa

Webmaster / Multimedia Pastor

Dr. Jacob Canales, EdD

Young Adult Pastor

Pastor Elizabeth Garcia

Support Pastor

Reverend Joe Hernandez

Assistant Pastor - Technology Director

Reverend Dan Hudson

Vespors Pastor

Reverend Bev Mason

Counseling Pastor

Reverend Kevin Nickerson

Youth Pastor

Pastor Traco Rachal

Assistant Youth Pastor

Pastor Frank Talavera

Couples Pastor

Pastor Dozie Uchegbulam

Prayer Pastor

Nena M. Francois

Music Pastor